Alongside piloting a new global Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA) tool, UNDP in Kosovo gathered representatives from public institutions, businesses, the civil society and international partners in an online roundtable to discuss the digitalization transformation process in Kosovo.

Ms. Maria Suokko, UNDP Kosovo Resident Representative, opened the roundtable by pointing out that: "Our response to today’s unprecedented crisis demonstrates how digitalization can be harnessed to support vulnerable people, reduce inequalities, sustain livelihoods and strengthen solidarity. If unchecked, however, it could deepen exclusion, increase inequality and further divide us”. Speaking of digitalization, Mergim Cahahi, CEO of Gjirafa and Robert Opp, UNDP Chief Digital Officer, were in accord that going digital is about strengthening the ability of different systems and organizations to embrace new technologies.

Key recommendations brought to the table include perspectives from the public and private sector on how to advance ‘whole-of-society’ digital transformation  together with different stakeholders in rapidly changing and exponentially growing environment In line with Mr. Cahahi’s opening, panelist agreed that there are five key principles that all stakeholders need to consider:

-      Remaining agile in execution is crucial and essential for digital transformation, especially for public administration institutions, which by the time they are ready to be execute such initiatives,  the plan may be outdated.

-      Continuity – every digital transformation is a continuous process without an end date.

-      Education and skills – learning, skills adaptation and educational needs - to keep abreast with rapid technological changes and fast evolving context.

-      Adaptation -   in today's highly dynamic environment, public and private sector need to quickly adapt existing approaches to digital transformation.

UNDP’s Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA) tool aims at mapping out the shape, pace and types of digital transition happening in Kosovo. lt intends to accelerate the transition, while ensuring that no one is left behind in moving towards a whole-of-society digital masterplan. Currently, UNDP Kosovo is entering into the first stage of DRA implementation, which includes conducting the survey aiming to collect and analyze data at the central level. The survey will be launched on 18 February 2021.

UNDP has launched the Digital Strategy which allows to better harness technology and innovation to deliver more and better results in the countries and communities in which UNDP works. To learn more about the strategy, visit the link: and watch the YouTube video on our, UNDP Kosovo, Digital Strategy:

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