Leaving home to seek a better life abroad is not an easy choice to make. Being repatriated and jobless is a reality that happened to many. It is difficult to start anew, explore few opportunities at one’s disposal to earn a living but, despite the challenges, never give up.

It took a lot of commitment and hard work for Nefail Huneli  to finally decide and  establish his own small, but sustainable business, a Car Wash in the town of Han i Elezit/Elez Han. After being repatriated from Germany, due to the labour market difficulties, Nefail was struggling to obtain a steady flow of income. He needed help and support.

Last year he got a helping hand:  support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kosovo, through the Active Labour Market Programmes (ALMP 2) in cooperation with the Kosovo Employment Agency (KEA). Nefail is a beneficiary of the Self Employment Programme and he now works together with his son, doing quite well even during these challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic.

On 6 July, UNDP, in cooperation with MLSW and KEA, announced The Self Employment Programme, The Wage Subsidy Programme and On the Job Training Programme, for the repatriated unemployed jobseekers in Kosovo.

Thanks to these programmes, around 500 repatriated people will receive support in: finding a new job, setting up their business ideas, as well as benefiting on the job training in private enterprises/businesses.

The increased support comes especially as an attempt to create more opportunities for jobseekers in Kosovo as we’re battling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Join the programme, be part of many who benefited on the Wage Subsidy Programme and the On-the-Job Training Programme which will continue to be open until 20 August 2020, while the Self-Employment Program will be open until 31 August 2020.

All the information regarding programmes can be found at the following e-mail addresses: https://aprk.rks-gov.net/  or https://mpms.rks-gov.net/, or at the Employment Offices in your municipality. If you have questions about the Self-Employment Program, please contact the ALMP2 / UNDP project at: almp.ks@undp.org

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