Removing linguistic barriers in Kosovo courts

When parties to a court case do not speak the same language and cannot understand one another, the justice system can break down.  

ReLOaD’s sustained path in bridging the dialogue between municipalities and CSOs in Kosovo

Since 2017, progress has been made in allocating funds to CSOs, in line with the Regulation on the criteria, standards and procedures for public funding of NGOs (MF-04/2017).  

Discussing the priorities, challenges and partnership opportunities for digital transformation in Kosovo

"Our response to today’s unprecedented crisis demonstrates how digitalization can be harnessed to support vulnerable people, reduce inequalities, sustain livelihoods and strengthen solidarity. If…  

How to make Tourism Sustainable in the times of COVID

“Although travel and tourism are among the most affected sectors of the pandemic..."  

Webinar: GHG reduction and long-term decarbonisation strategies

The Climate Promise project in Kosovo aims to support Kosovo institutions to strengthen their capacities for setting up more ambitious targets for greenhouse gas...  

Helping one another, on job creation and sustainable employment

Despite the challenges before leaving and after being repatriated to Kosovo, Bujar finally managed to...  

United to offer psychological support in times of pandemic

Based on health experts, the change generated by the virus and by the measures adopted to fight it - as self-isolation or protracted lockdown...  

Meet Liridon Januzi, a new beneficiary of the Wage Subsidy Programme 2020

Liridon Januzi decided to leave his hometown and seek better opportunities abroad, only to be returned to Kosovo after a short period of time  

Creating opportunities for repatriated jobseekers in Kosovo

Leaving home to seek a better life abroad is not an easy choice to make. Being repatriated and jobless is a reality that happened to many.  

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