Meet Liridon Januzi, a new beneficiary of the Wage Subsidy Programme 2020

Liridon Januzi decided to leave his hometown and seek better opportunities abroad, only to be returned to Kosovo after a short period of time  

Creating opportunities for repatriated jobseekers in Kosovo

Leaving home to seek a better life abroad is not an easy choice to make. Being repatriated and jobless is a reality that happened to many.  

Partnering with the private sector to promote and support job creation and sustainable employment

In an effort to help the economic recovery in Kosovo, UNDP, through ALMP 2, and in cooperation with KEA, will expand employment opportunities during these difficult times when the COVID-19 pandemic…  

UN COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS IN KOSOVO: Bridging local employment offices and communities amid COVID-19

When the strong sense of altruism of enthusiast UN Community Volunteers gets combined with professional work, wonders happen.  

Providing equal employment opportunities for all communities in Kosovo

. Mr. Schaefer is a beneficiary of the Self-Employment Programme which helped him in his efforts to establish a fast food business in Gjakovë/ Đakovica, at the beginning of 2020.  

From dreams to newly created reality: sewing protective masks during the pandemic

For more than two months now, small local businesses across Kosovo have been facing difficult times due to the COVID19 pandemic.  

Supporting jobseekers in Kosovo with long term employment

Many unemployed individuals in Kosovo, some of whom registered a long time ago as jobseekers at the Employment Offices, are, at last, benefiting from the opportunities to become part of the labor…  

INTERNET: the perfect or dangerous tool for using at home while COVID19 social distancing

These measures include the suspension of air and land travel to all countries infected widely by COVID-19, as well as restriction of movement from 17:00 to 06:00 hrs.  

How is the pandemic affecting the vulnerable population and their rights?

In times of pandemic crisis such as COVID -19, it is often those already left behind that are put at even greater risk.  

Support to Kosovo Police respond to domestic violence cases during the pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, there are more and more reports coming on increase of domestic violence cases that, in some countries, are up to more than 30 percent  

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