Dealing with Conflict Legacy between Serbia and Kosovo

What do we want to achieve?

The overall objective of the project is to support positive progress in tackling existing conflict legacy issues and is aimed at building sustainable reconciliation between the two parties.

This will be achieved through a four-pronged approach that includes increased closure in missing persons cases, increasing returns to sensitive areas in Kosovo, increased capacities of institutions dealing with domestic war crimes trials in Kosovo and magnified effects of the project through youth to enable wider reconciliation efforts in both Belgrade and Pristina. 

Output one focuses on ensuring an increased number of missing persons cases are closed. rdination, cooperation, and institutional roles and responsibilities in the area of missing persons require strengthening at both international and national levels to ensure that cases are resolved. If the capacities of institutions are strengthened to effectively and efficiently deal with issues related to missing persons, they will be able to more effectively close missing person’s cases and help families identify their missing. 


The three key areas to challenge national and local attitudes through the following outputs:

• Increase identification of missing persons

• Increased number of returns of displaced persons/families to sensitive areas in Kosovo and general perception of returnees is improved in Kosovo

• Improved understanding of war crimes trials within certain groups in Kosovo

• Youth groups have a better understanding of the conflict

The expected result will include; 

Target areas to challenge national and local attitudes through the following outputs:

1. Concrete evidence of closure achieved in an increased number of missing persons cases.

2. Increase the number of returns of refugees and IDPS to sensitive areas in Kosovo. 

3. Evidence of an increase in domestic War Crimes Trials in Kosovo.

4. Youth groups have a better understating of the conflict


Pristina and other municipalities


Government of Kosovo and other Public Institutions. IFM, Association of Families of Missing persons. Missing Persons Resource Center


Government of Kosovo and other Public Institutions, GCMP, PCMP.

UNDP will partner with other international organizations such as ICRC, DRC, HLCK, MPRC, UP, EULEX, and OHCHR to ensure that it contributes to the ongoing efforts in the process in Kosovo, while ensuring complimentary and avoiding duplication.

Project Budget:

GBP 1,039,874.23

Government of the UK

Project duration: 3 years 


Vehbi Selmani, Project Manager 

+381 38 249 066 ext 316

Dian Dulaj

Project associate

+381 38 249 066 ext.316

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