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UNFPA and UNDP offices in Kosovo delivered over 8,500 food items to Gender Based Violence shelters throughout Kosovo as immediate assistance in these days of crisis. The delivery was undertaken following a coordinated effort by UN agencies in Kosovo and Meridian Corporation.

According to the information coming from all over the world, in times of crisis such as a pandemic outbreak, women and girls are at higher risk of violence from intimate partners and other forms of domestic violence due to increased tensions in the household. UN agencies have taken this initiative to support these vulnerable and marginalized groups and try to ease their situation during these trying times.

UNFPA and UNDP secured some of the necessary items to ensure the appropriate function of these shelters during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Dr. Visare Mujko – Nimani, UNFPA Head of Office said that “We need to ensure that measures are in place to prevent, protect and mitigate the consequences of all forms of violence, stigma and discrimination especially those against women and girls during quarantine and self-isolation processes and procedures. Being affected—whether directly or indirectly by an outbreak of an infectious disease—can be traumatic as can be an experience of GBV. Recognizing that these may be co-occurring for some women and girls is incredibly important and requires that all support be available and accessible for women and girls in general. It is essential not leave those most vulnerable behind and without basic supplies such as hygienic items and food supplies.”

Ms. Valbona Bogujevci, UNDP Kosovo Assistant Resident Representative noted: “United Nations Kosovo Team work together to help people that are most severely impacted by the COVID19. We are working every day to ensure timely and effective response to Kosovo authorities with protective and preventive equipment as well as intensive efforts are being made to provide medical equipment. However, we must realize that the COVID19 crisis exceeds health; The economic fallout has  affected people’s livelihoods, especially those who were poor already and disadvantaged that suffer the most. The distribution of food packages for shelters for protection of women and children initiated today will help the residents of the shelters to cope easier with the crisis.”

This aid will benefit shelters across Kosovo.

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