For six years now, Drita Ibishi has been working as an employment counselor at the Employment Office in Prishtinë/Priština. Every day she meets interested jobseekers registers them for the employment schemes available at the Local Employment Office.

Most of Ms. Ibishi’s time is spent introducing jobseekers to benefits at their disposal such as vocational trainings and employment opportunities. She also meets with local businesses as a job meditator helping them to find the best individuals for the job.

"It is both, a privilege and a responsibility, to be in the frontline providing employment services.  But the pleasure of being able to match specific  vocational training and employment opportunities for our jobseekers, is incomparable. "

During last year only, Drita personally facilitated employment and offered mediation to nearly 700 jobseekers at the Employment Office in Prishtinë/Priština. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms.Ibishi has been even more committed to her work, due to the increased number of registered jobseekers interested to apply for the Emergency Fiscal Package.

Drita’s success is to be praised, as shown in case of Ms. Minire Murtezi from Prishtinë/Priština. Minire is one of the many beneficiaries of the labour market measures. In 2019, Ms. Murtezi established her own traditional food and confectionery business, “Tezja”, as a beneficiary of the Self-Employment Programme.

Drita and Minire are two brave and role model women, one helping jobseekers to become part of labour market and the other one living her dream of having her own business. Drita’s efforts to work to the best of her abilities enables her to keep good relations with implementing partners such as UNDP in coordinating programme activities  process including monitoring.

UNDP, through the Active Labour Market Programme (ALMP 2) and Kosovo’s Employment Agency (KEA) is offering employment opportunities for registered jobseekers in Kosovo, through different programmes such as Self-Employment, Wage Subsidy, Internship, etc.


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