Launch of the Action Paper on Healthcare in Kosovo

Nov 27, 2013

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Health launched an Action Paper on Healthcare in Kosovo on Wednesday, 27 November.

The Paper, titled “Satisfaction with Healthcare Services and Perceptions on Presence of Corruption” that addresses the perceptions of 1334 patients that received treatment in healthcare institutions was discussed at a round table that brought together experts and of healthcare system in Kosovo and representatives of local and international organisations, among them Minister of Health Ferid Agani and UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Steliana Nedera.

Relying on the data of the Public Pulse Report that found an increase in perceptions of corruption in the health sector and also taking into account different reports showing dissatisfaction of patients with health services, this study was designed to conduct more in-depth analyses on these two issues and further investigate these concerning trends.

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