Sustainable Development

UNDP's Sustainable Development Programme stimulates lasting economic improvement of livelihoods of Kosovars that does not jeopardise social inclusion or environmental stability in the long run. To achieve it, economic, social, and environmental aspects all need to be addressed and kept in balance. Social inclusion, productive employment, and sustainable development are not straightforward by-products of economic growth policies. With Kosovo institutions on the central and local level, the private sector, and the civil society, we create opportunities for Kosovar women and men who tend to be excluded from socioeconomic life to develop marketable skills, find decent employment and create additional income for their families. We work directly with the private sector to stimulate growth and expansion of businesses and work with farmers to increase and enhance productivity taking into account value added elements.

Our Goals

The UNDP's Sustainable Development Programme proposes an integrated approach that looks at the pace and patterns of growth as well as its implications in terms of equity and equality. It reaffirms the primacy of more

Working hard toward a better future

All the efforts contribute to generation of new jobs, import substitution and export promotion. Sustainable Development Programme works closely with Kosovo labour market institutions and supports evidence-based policymaking and modernization of public services. more

Our Stories

Mirjeta and Shemsije are successful small business leaders
New Entrepreneurs Networking to Build Connections and Expand Their Businesses

The mentoring the new entrepreneurs receive under the Self-Employment Programme (SEP) offers guidance on how to expand their start-ups, using various tools availablemore 

Dukas are now self-employed farmers producing 7000 kg raspberries a year
Raspberries and Jobs: a Perfect Combination?

Ariana and Muhamed Duka, raspberry producers from Firajë/Firaja village in Shtërpcë/ Štrpce municipality share insights about growing red gold with a group of curious visitorsmore 

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