Everyone’s Involvement Needed: Women’s Property Rights and their Access to Resources

Supported by UNDP and organized by the Member of the Parliament Donika Kadaj-Bujupi an open discussion was held on: Women’s property rights and Access to resources! President of Kosovo, Ms. Atifete Jahjaga, members of Kosovo Assembly, UNDP Kosovo  Deputy Resident Representative Ms. Steliana Nedera, UK Ambassador to Kosovo Mr. Ian Cliff, Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands in Kosovo Ms. Emma Kay, Minister of European Integration Ms. Vlora Çitaku, Ambassador of Norway in Kosovo Mr. Jan Braathu, and other representatives of civil society and organizations engaged in this area were among the participants.

In her opening speech, deputy Donika Kadaj  stated that the purpose of this discussion is to address one of the challenges faced by Kosovo society. “Women property issues and their access to resources require everyone`s involvement in order to transform this problem into an opportunity that would benefit not only women, but also their families and the state as a whole”, said MP Kadaj.

President of Kosovo Ms.  Afifete Jahjaga, expressing her strong support to this initiative, highlighted that women’s position determines general social level of a country.  “Implementation of property rights gives us all an opportunity to have both a woman and a mother in favour of general development”, said President Jahjaga.

UNDP Kosovo Deputy Resident Representative Ms. Steliana Nedera expressed her pleasure to have supported organization of this important discussion by saying that  in order to have any  improvement in women welfare, there should be full implementation of their property rights, have better access and better economic and political position. “Inadequate participation of women in decision-making and business leadership impedes development in general”, she said.

British Ambassador in Kosovo, Mr. Ian Cliff declared that these kinds of initiatives deserve support. Reflecting on some of the examples and practices in place in his country, he said that awareness among women is also key to further social development.

The support provided to the implementation of these projects shows the commitment and the interest of the Kingdom of Netherlands to improve social welfare in Kosovo through various partnerships with local and international institutions in Kosovo.  “We shall continue to support in the same way in the future as well, especially in areas such as this on women property rights and their access to resources”, reiterated the Ambassador of Netherlands in Kosovo, Ms.  Emma Kay.

“The expansive participation in this discussion shows the importance of women property rights currently  and for the future of Kosovo as well”, said Ms. Vlora Çitaku, Kosovo Minister of European Integration. She continued by saying that joint engagement and support by the international partners is necessary in establishing an integrated access in this direction.
A special contribution was made by the Norwegian Ambassador in Kosovo Mr. Jan Braathu and representatives of other institutions and civil society organizations participating in the discussion. At the end of the discussion, it was jointly agreed that comments and suggestions will contribute to the development of future activities in this area.

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