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Project Summary

The Diaspora Engagement in Economic Development (DEED) programme has been designed and will be implemented by UNDP in close consultations with the main national stakeholder, the Ministry of Diaspora of Kosovo. The project aims to increase the opportunities for Kosovans living abroad to participate in the socio-economic development of Kosovo.

What do we want to achieve

The DEED progrmme is an innovative initiative for enabling the Kosovo diaspora to take an active and effective role as development agents in their communities of origin. The overall objective of the programme is to enhance the contribution of diaspora to poverty reduction in the short-term and sustainable, gender equitable local economic development in the long-run, through facilitating and encouraging investment and saving behaviour among migrants and remittance-receiving households. The programme works with remittance receiving households, members of the Kosovo diaspora, as well as the relevant government authorities in Kosovo to create opportunities for Kosovo and its people, at home and abroad to create a better future.
In 2017, the project will focus on achieving the following results:

• Strengthen the capacities of Kosovo authorities to implement the National Strategy for Diaspora 2013-2018;

• Facilitate and implement agreed model (s) of matching grant programme as agreed and in coordination with the Ministry of Diaspora, other Kosovo government entities and other partners and stakeholders by joining efforts with diaspora in increasing overall investment in production of goods and services in Kosovo.

The planned programme is a continuation of the previous joint UNDP and IOM project, which was active from August 2012 to December 2016.

Main results

During these years, many remarkable achievements, and some historic ones, have been made while we are happy to share with you the most important ones:

• The first Kosovo Strategy on Diaspora and Migration 2013-2018 developed and finalized with the support of DEED, and adopted by the Government of Kosovo in August 2013;
• To date, in cooperation with EU funded ARDA, the DEED programme organized business trainings and finalised five (5) small grant programmes throughout Kosovo, to support entrepreneurship initiatives, especially focusing on women-led remittance-receiving households. This contributed to the employment of at least 85 Kosovars (out of which 46% were women and 37% from non-majority communities) through supporting 47 private enterprises with matching grants with a diaspora investment of c.a 150,000 Euro;
• An additional feasibility study on potentially applicable financial banking products and services was completed and presented to all relevant financial institutions, public and private thus triggering, cash cover loans offered by local banks, Raiffeisen and Pro-Credit to remittance receiving, especially women-led households, based on project recommendations on the basis of the feasibility study;
• The first National Plan on Economic Zones completed and incorporated the potential of the diaspora. Database of all economic zones collected and developed into a website as investment information tool, currently up and running on the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) website. Three (3) feasibility Studies for Gjakova Free Economic Zones finalised jointly with MTI/KIESA;
• Jointly with the Ministry of Diaspora (MoD), in cooperation with Ministry of Trade and Industry / KIESA and the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo (AMCHAM), twenty-five (25) diaspora business networks established in Europe, US, Canada, Turkey and Australia. Additionally, the Global Union of Diaspora Business Networks established as the Umbrella institution for all diaspora business networks worldwide;
• The establishment of the Coordination Office / Diaspora Business Network’s Union in Prishtina supported and facilitated;
• DEED and Ministry of Diaspora have jointly organized and held several workshops to finalize the plan on Diaspora Registry and subsequently implemented two (2) comprehensive diaspora registration campaigns. The entire registration campaign process was facilitated by the DEED programme in support and coordination with the MoD. The process led to more than 580% increase of the registered Diaspora members;
• The DEED project contributed to employment of more than 100 job-seekers as a result of the direct investments in business development;
• Supported implementation of thirteen (13) investment conferences and networking B2B events in Kosovo, Europe and North America and facilitated various business discussions and agreements;
• Organised eight study visits to economic zones and agencies managing and promoting the economic zones in European Union and Turkey with relevant Kosovo Institutions;
• In cooperation with MTI/KIESA and USAID Empower Project, supported two international trade fairs in Cologne/Germany and Bern/Switzerland promoting domestic products;

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