Public Pulse

Project Summary

Public Pulse III, will further contribute to strengthening of the capacities of central and local public institutions for utilization of research and data for policy-making and accountability. Specifically, perceptions of citizens on pertinent issues will be highlighted by biannual opinion polls and respective briefs and analysis; these will serve as the bases for dialogue with Kosovo public institutions in order to develop capacities for an informed decision-making process.

You can now access visualized Public data, gathered since 2010. Public Pulse Data Visualizer serves as a platform where historical data are visualized and opened to the public. 

What do we want to achieve

The opinion polls, targeted polls and focus groups will provide first hand evidence on the perceptions and opinions of the public on the development issues facing Kosovo. The data from the research will serve for targeted analysis and for developing follow-up actions for addressing specific issues in cooperation with Kosovo public institutions. The next phase of PPP will achieve the above-mentioned targets through the provision of the following research products: (a.) six (6) biannual “Public Pulse Briefs” prepared and published; (b.) the development and maintenance of an online Data Visualization Platform and (c) three (3) Public Pulse Analysis based on targeted surveys, existing opinion poll data as well as in-depth interviews and focus groups for selected topics. The project will continue to demonstrate the importance of valuable data collection and their impact in strategies and policies performance of institutions, following PP l and PP ll under which data and perceptions formed the bases for planning in many Kosovo and international organisations operating in Kosovo.

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