Skills needs assessment: Identifying employers’ needs

28 Nov 2016
Skills needs assessment: Identifying employers’ needs

Written under the framework of the Active Labour Market Programmes, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) office in Kosovo, this report highlights skills required by employers (demand) and acts as a resource to assist policy makers, training and education providers better align workforce development policies and programmes according to the needs of the labour market (supply).  The report offers a comprehensive analysis of data collected through an Employer Skills Survey with 587 private companies from selected sectors. The survey results provide information on specific tasks and skills of 13 occupations and addresses the importance of changes in general skills, workforce preparedness for future needs as well as the mechanisms implemented by firms to prepare workers (on-the-job training, hiring new employees, reorganisation, etc.). Drivers of change introduced by the interviewed companies such as innovation, adaption to environmental regulations and employee working conditions are also analysed.

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