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KHDR 2014
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KHDR 2014 Executive Summary

Kosovo Human Development Report 2014

Oct 1, 2014

Labour migration and economic interaction with the Kosovan Diaspora abroad have a profound impact on the economic opportunities and livelihoods of many individuals in Kosovo. This is not just limited to the household level. Economic interactions with the Kosovan Diaspora are so pervasive that they strongly influence Kosovo’s macroeconomic development and, hence, all Kosovans.
In this 2014 Kosovo Human Development Report, we take a close look at how labour migration and interactions with the Diaspora affect human development in Kosovo. While human development has many different dimensions, this report concentrates on opportunities for productive employment (whether in Kosovo or abroad), material wellbeing and poverty reduction. Focus is also placed on access to education and healthcare (through higher income or access to services abroad), the circumstances of women migrants and women-headed households, and the impact of international mobility on social involvement and political participation. On this basis, we draw out the implications for policy interventions that seek to promote human development and especially to engage the Diaspora in Kosovo’s future.

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