Special edition of the Public Pulse on Corruption

Oct 24, 2016

This special edition of the Public Pulse on Corruption, is prepared in line with research approach and methodology of the UNDP’s periodic Public Pulses which analyses citizens’ perceptions of Kosovo’s Institutions, with a focus on political, economic, security, and development. The present Public Pulse on Corruption, focuses its analysis on perceptions of citizens of Kosovo on the prevalence of corruption, with particular emphasis on Kosovo public institutions on both central and local level.
The report analyses data collected through a general population survey with 1300 respondents and 500 targeted interviews with representatives of Kosovo public institutions. In addition, this research also includes validation data from four thematic focus groups, namely focus groups with representatives of central level institutions, local level institutions, civil society and a focus group with gender activists dedicated to comparison of data with the UNDP survey on Gender and Corruption carried out in 2014.  

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