Action Paper on Association of Professional Journalists in Kosovo

Jul 25, 2017

This Action Paper thus provides an overviewof the media landscape and legal framework on freedom of expression in Kosovo. Itidentifies patterns and main challenges to free expression practices in the media, examines the reasons behind the decline of trust in public perception, assesses the mission and role of the APJK and offers recommendations for improvement. The aim of this Action Paper is to contribute towards enhancing communication and collaboration among the stakeholders (media, journalists and the public), by ensuring that APJK as the target institution will subsequently engage in enhancing practices and improving conditions on the ground. This Action Paper
is limited in scope; its intention is not to be an overarching document that encompasses all issues and challenges the media faces.
The Paper aims to examine the issues that influence the negative public perception about freedom of expression in Kosovo, and to offer some recommendations and remedies that both in the short and the long term may contribute to positive developments in this sector.

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