Climate and
disaster resilience

Our intervention

As the legal and regulatory framework for environmental management is an important part of Kosovo's agenda towards European integration, UNDP supports Kosovo on advancing the Climate Change (CC) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) sectors. With UNDP assistance the Strategy for Climate Change and Action Plan, as well as the Disaster Risk Reductio Strategy and Action Plan have been drafted. UNDP also helped to strengthen and institutionalize a greenhouse gas inventory system.

Creating healthy environments

‘Support for Sustainable Prizren - Initiating Urban NAMAs project’ is an ongoing project which will contribute to creating healthy urban living conditions and achieving sustainable growth, while setting an example as a city-wide intervention for Kosovo. The respective project will prepare the city of Prizren in reducing the overall Green House Gases (GHG) emissions through cross-sectoral interventions at the municipal level, establish the first Green Growth Centre, which will be located in Prizren and implement at least four Pilot urban NAMAs.

The UN project ‘Heathier Kosovo’, coordinated by UNDP, is contributing to the reduction of the environment-related disease burden on population health. The project aims to provide technical assistance and capacity development to the institutions relevant to environment and health issues thereby accelerating the legal implementation, it is also working with the public and local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to raise awareness and develop their capacities in channeling their concerns into policies and support them in addressing such concerns with innovative solutions.

Mitigating the risk of disaster

Additionally, UNDP s continues to promote an integrated and intersectional approach to climate, conflict and disaster, incorporating gender equality issues and priorities in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) at central, municipal and local levels through Confidence and Trust Building through Disaster Risk Reduction and Gender Mainstreaming (CTB-DRR) project.

Finding transboundary solutions

The first Global Environment Facility (GEF) project in Kosovo is the ‘Enabling transboundary cooperation and integrated water resources management in the White Drin and the extended Drin Basin’ project. It is part of a large-scale multi-project effort to support and promote the joint management of water resources of the transboundary Drin River Basin, including coordination mechanisms among the various sub-basin commissions and committees (Lakes Prespa, Ohrid and Skadar).

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