Prizren setting the course for climate change awareness

Located in southwestern Kosovo, it is the second-largest city with a population of almost 200,000 residents, in addition with 74 other villages compromising the municipality of Prizren.  

How we can develop mountain tourism in Kosovo

To develop this chain, we need to train tour operators, mark new hiking trails, develop guest houses and hotels, improve the ease of travel, and promote tourism packages.  

On a hike with the first Kosovan woman who climbed Mount Everest

We did not accompany Uta to the world’s highest peaks but instead gathered in a sanctuary of untouched natural beauty, the Sharr/Šar mountains.  

The Story Behind the Museum

“We do not get rich by being an ethnologist, but our minds get richer through travel,”  

From Farm to Plate

Plates full of hearty pastries, flavourful meats, traditional Sharri cheese and home-style flija (crepe-like layer dish brushed with cream), fill the atmosphere, nostrils, and hungry stomachs of…  

Dragash/Dragaš Municipality: The Venue of a Healthy Menu

a spoon of honey is the best way to start your day in a sweetened spirit.  

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