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About UNDP in Kosovo

On the ground in Kosovo since 1999, the United Nations Development Programme has earned a reputation as an independent and experienced partner in the collective effort to build and strengthen Kosovo institutions and achieve sustainable development. 

What do we want to accomplish?

UNDP works globally to strengthen new frameworks and create innovative solutions for development, disaster risk reduction and climate change. We support Kosovo's efforts to achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals, which will guide UNDP policy and funding until 2030.

Our vision is that of a prosperous, inclusive, and politically stable Kosovo, within Europe. In support of this vision, UNDP focuses on building and sharing solutions in three areas:

·        Sustainable development

·        Democratic governance and peacebuilding

·        Environment, climate and disaster resilience

Every day we feel privileged to work with our partners on these transformative, high leverage activities to improve governance and rule of law, and to provide sustainable employment, especially for youth, minorities, and women.  

What are our results?

Since establishing our first office on 1 August 1999, UNDP Kosovo has delivered over 200 million USD in assistance to the Kosovo people.

During the initial post-conflict reconstruction (1999-2002), UNDP largely engaged in emergency reconstruction and rehabilitation, providing assistance to the housing sector, and promoting rapid employment generation, including the Village Employment and Rehabilitation Programme, funded by the European Agency for Reconstruction, which provided over 20,000 Kosovans with short-term jobs.

Today we focus on the toughest, long-term development challenges in Kosovo, working through strategic partnerships to promote economic growth, enhance human security, and improve environmental sustainability. Our primary contribution in recent years has been the strengthening of institutions working to generate employment, fight corruption, and enhance access to justice. 


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