Osnat Lubrani: UNDP Kosovo Results 2011 - 2013

Jul 2, 2013

Osnat Lubrani presenting UNDP Kosovo results

Speech of Ms. Osnat Lubrani, UN Development Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative on the occasion of presenting UNDP Kosovo results 2011-2013

Dear Minister Çitaku,

Dear Deputy Prime Minister, ministers, excellencies, partners, donors, ladies and gentlemen,

I am delighted to co-chair jointly with Minister Chitaku this event devoted to sharing and reflecting on the work and results achieved by UNDP over the past two and a half years.

First, in my capacity as UN Development Coordinator, I would open by saying that all UN agencies and indeed the entire UN presence in Kosovo is oriented to support Kosovo’s medium to long term development objectives. Our work is shaped and indeed driven by Kosovo EU’s integration priorities and people’s needs and their demands.

Like UNDP, each of the UN agencies is guided by its specialized mandate, be it a focus on children, women, health, human rights, refugees, etc. While we all have our individual plans/programmes - we are all also guided by a 5-year Common UNKT Plan that brings us together to cooperate on joint programmes as well as coordinate our respective work for greater results and impact, with a strong focus on lifting the most vulnerable into mainstream society. All of us are deeply committed to helping the people of Kosovo realize their aspirations for prosperity and peace. We all welcome the agreement signed between Pristina and Belgrade, the path that is now open for negotiation of an SAA for Kosovo is such positive news. We wish the government, the institutions success, and we stand ready to support implementation efforts.

Today I am here in my capacity as UNDP representative.

For UNDP globally - the past two years have been a rollercoaster ride - full of thrill, suspense, also trepidation. As an organization that works in 177 countries and territories, on the background of recent momentous events – from the Arab Spring, to the global economic crisis, to unprecedented natural disasters - UNDP is challenged to be more flexible so as to respond to an ever-faster changing world.

We realize that in order to become more effective, we need to sharpen our focus. We need to be more strongly results-driven, more daring in testing innovation; we also need to be more creative in deepening as well as expanding our network of partners. It is in this spirit that a new UNDP corporate strategic plan is currently being finalized in New York.

The UNDP office in Kosovo works as it would work in any other country. Today’s event follows UNDP practice of holding regular reviews and consultations with our partners. While our programme was designed to be strongly aligned with Kosovo’s national development objectives and priorities, such reviews are important in validating that we are doing so fully, meaningfully.

The UNDP in Kosovo today is very different from the UNDP of three years ago: we have a clearer focus on three priority areas: governance, inclusive growth, and environmental sustainability, and we have re-organized our office to deliver on the programme priorities.

Through our network of offices in the region and worldwide, we continuously seek to identify and bring useful/relevant knowledge and advice to Kosovo. UNDP has accompanied the last wave of accession countries, and we are so pleased to facilitate practical exchange of experience with countries that have recently trodden the path to the EU, including Slovenia, and even more recent fresh experience from Croatia, which just joined the EU yesterday. But equally, we also seek to bring recognition and visibility to good examples from Kosovo on its successful trajectory from post-conflict recovery to its current path towards sustainable development. The story of Kosovo’s evolution, in which the UN, including UNDP, played an important role, can greatly benefit the rest of the world.

I realize that some of you know well specific parts of our work. Today we want to give you a sense of the overall picture of where we are coming from and where we are heading. More importantly, in the spirit of transparency, accountability, and commitment to both the global as well as Kosovo’s aid effectiveness agenda - we want to invite feedback and advice from our valued partners on where should we focus in the remaining two years of our five-year plan.

I am aware that we will not have time today to reflect on each and every project or to benefit from the insights and advice of all partners present here. This is why we also set up a projects marketplace in the next room. Our project teams are on hand to respond to questions and take in comments after the session. I assure you that the dialogue initiated today will be multiplied in follow up discussions after this event. Thank you.