Osnat Lubrani: The impact of legislation in economic and social development of the country.

Jul 6, 2011

Talking points for United Nations Development Coordinator,
Ms. Osnat Lubrani at the Conference: The impact of legislation in economic and social development of the country.
6 July 2011, Hotel Emerald, 10:00 – 13:00

Thank you Chairman Pajaziti,

Dear Members of the Parliament, Ministers, representatives of the government of Kosovo, my colleagues from UN agencies, civil society representatives... On behalf of the UN Kosovo Team, we are very pleased to support this conference, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to say a few words at the opening.

I have just returned to Kosovo from a UN Global Meeting where I met my colleagues who lead the UN’s development work around the world. It was inspiring to share and discuss the rapidly changing development landscape. One of the main topics was the unprecedented upheavals in countries that have actually done really well in terms of economic growth, but where such growth has been coupled with increasing inequality and disparity. The developments in the Arab States, but also in Middle Income countries in other parts of the world, is a sober reminder that while income and profit are central to countries’ advancement, economic growth alone is not enough. Growth needs to be inclusive and equitable. Moreover, inclusive and equitable growth will only be sustained if it respects the planet’s natural limits.  The mantra in our global meeting was that the new way, the only way, to achieving sustainable development is - through inclusive green growth.

•    This concept is a shift from past models, beginning with the rapid growth spawned by the industrial revolution that hinged on the exploitation of natural resources and unsustainable patterns of consumption and production.
•    Worldwide, the UN development agencies are supporting national partners in their transformations to sustainable human development. This involves support for economic growth that places emphasis on green job creation, sustainable climate-resilient livelihoods and enhanced social equity; energy-efficient, low-carbon technologies; and growth that maintains and also restores natural capital.
This new thinking is relevant for young Kosovo, which has so much going for it:  Good security, a promising political dialogue; one of the highest international assistance per capita; a technologically literate and enterprising workforce, and steadily increasing GDP, still:
•    Unemployment rates are the highest in Europe (48%)
•    Youth capacity is being drained - only one in four young people (27%) can find a job
•    Unfair business practices stifle growth – only 3% of bank loans and 2% of property goes to women

As the new government prepares a new “Economic Vision for Kosovo 2011-2014”, my hope is that it draws on the most modern, forward thinking ideas and experiences. Kosovo needs an economic vision that promotes the kind of growth that also ensures that disparities decrease rather than increase between the haves and the have-nots. Kosovo has great potential within Europe and internationally – but without people-focused development strategy, political efforts to secure key national goals will be much more difficult achieve.

The Kosovo Assembly has an important role in shaping the direction of economy, through the passing of legislation as well as monitoring its effective implementation. We encourage you to consider designing any legislative action, whether at the macroeconomic level, or whether related to service delivery to citizens, so that it is pro-poor, focuses on equity, inclusion, on unleashing the potential of Kosovo most important resource, its youth, but also not leaving behind the goal of ensuring long term environmental sustainability.  

The UNKT, made up of 21 UN Agencies present in Kosovo, is committed to provide further support to the Parliament, the government, civil society, in this journey. We can be useful in facilitating partnerships and exchange of knowledge and ideas between the governmental, academic, and private sectors, drawing on our different areas of expertise, and global experience.

I wish you a productive conference.

Thank you.

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