UNDP continues to Support Kosovo Police

UNDP through its Kosovo Safety and Security Project (KSSP) provided the Kosovo Police with additional technical equipment. Based on a joint assessment with the Kosovo Police, a set of six laptops, two tablets and supporting equipment has been handed to the Kosovo Police that will remain under the Firearms Focal Points’ (FFP) ownership.

This equipment will further increase the capacities of the FFP, specifically the International Law Enforcement Cooperation Unit (ILECU), an established intelligence desk working on combatting illegal arms trafficking.

This focal point is the first of its kind in the Western Balkans and is now being used as best practice for neighboring jurisdictions in establishing their focal points, making Kosovo an exporter of security. Additionally, the Firearms Focal Point is a requirement of the South East European Action plan, in combatting illicit arms trafficking.

UNDP Kosovo is working closely with the FFP to facilitate the implementation of the International Tracing Instrument (ISACS 05.31) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16.4, through capacity building of law enforcement officials in Kosovo. As FFP is tracing every locally recovered weapon as well as responding to incoming requests for tracing, donated equipment will further support their work.

UNDP representatives, Ms. Marta K. Gazideda, Governance and Peacebuilding Portfolio Manager/Deputy Programme Coordinator, Mr. Alain Lapon, KSSP Project Manager, and Mr. Riza Shillova, Director of Investigation Department at the Kosovo Police, stated that this partnership will further support the development of policies and tracing techniques, leading to strengthened gun crime investigation in Kosovo.

This technical equipment was acquired with a financial contribution by the United Nations Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation (UNSCAR). 


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