Enhancing access to justice improves people’s lives, builds their confidence in local institutions and develops a more just society.

The ‘Enhanced Access to Justice and Rule of Law Reform’ project, implemented by UNDP and financed by the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo organized a three-day working session focusing on analyzing the legal changes that result in the need to review the administrative instructions in how responsibilities are transferred from the Kosovo Judicial Council to the Courts. With these changes to both the Law on the Kosovo Judicial Council, and the Law on Courts, court transparency, accountability and responsibility need to increase. To increase the efficiency and reflect on new legal changes, the Kosovo Judicial Council senior staff and the Court Administrators, agreed to a set of joint measures and priorities, which will be undertaken in coordination with the Court Presidents over the coming weeks.

These findings will soon serve to make ensure better judicial reforms, enhance access to justice, increase court efficiency, protect human rights, and, subsequently, help establish and maintain an independent judicial system which offers impartial judicial services to all Kosovans. 

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