Local institutions play an integral role in delivering public services to their citizens. They are at the front lines in supporting the local population’s needs. To achieve this, local institutions need an effective governance structure and resilient mechanisms that respond to people’s changing needs. Since 2009, the Ministry of Local Government Administration (MLGA), in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme Kosovo (UNDP, has assessed the capacities of municipal authorities around Kosovo. Through this assessment municipalities can address their institutional weaknesses and the complex pressures facing local institutions. 

As a part of the long-standing cooperation between the MLGA and UNDP Kosovo, the ‘Municipal Self-Assessment report 2018’ was launched on 11th December 2018 at the MLGA headquarters. 

The report was designed to provide an overview of the capacities required of municipalities to exercise their mandate. The findings in the reported are based on inputs from municipal representatives who provided valuable and substantive insights on their capacities and their needs. Further, the findings in this report are expected to be used as a baseline for all institutional actors and stakeholders – local, central and international -  on how organisational development practices can be utilised within these institutions.

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