Funded by the European Union’s Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) and implemented by UNDP Kosovo, the “Inter-community Dialogue through Inclusive Cultural Heritage Preservation” project signed Micro-Grant Agreements with six organisations. Congratulations to the following grantees: Anibar, Kosovar Stability Initiative, MDA Foundation, Artpolis, Ec Ma Ndryshe and the Tourist Organisation of Gracanica. Below is a summary of each organisation’s project!


Through their grant Anibar seeks to engage with high-school and university age students of diverse ethnic and geographical background. Through the project Anibar will aim to enhance the skills of young people through workshops on designing and creating animated films and shorts. The students, in conjunction with Anibar, will produce three animated films on cultural heritage. These films will be presented to the public to raise awareness of the importance of cultural heritage. A public discussion event will also be held as well as a one-day tour to Prizren for 50 youth to visit varied cultural heritage sites.

Kosovar Stability Initiative

Through their grant the Kosovar Stability Initiative seeks to capture and preserve elements of intangible cultural heritage, focusing on the production of Ocarinas; ancient wind musical instruments. Through these activities the Kosovar Stability Initiative aims to revive the ancient tradition of ocarina production and safeguard the knowledge of their production for future generations. The Initiative will also organise several television debates on extinct musical instruments.

MDA Foundation

Through their grant the MDA Foundation will bring together 40 secondary school aged children from diverse backgrounds, to a two-day workshop in Novo Brdo/Novobërdë. The workshop will be led by six female professional artisans who will instruct the children on how to craft culturally relevant objects, share stories, learn of different cultures and cooperate together towards a shared goal. The Foundation will also create a number of news articles and videos in order to inspire local communities and organisations.

Tourist Organisation of Gracanica

Through their grant the Tourist Organisation seeks to preserve cultural heritage through developing local tourism. The Organisation will develop training criteria, organise coaching, run practical field vists, develop a multi-language toolkit and establish cooperation with regional tour operators. The project will see 30 participants, from diverse ethnic backgrounds and locations, participaite in a nine-day intensive training course on how to be a tour guide. Following the training, micro-grants will be awarded to five participants who develop innovative and unqiue ideas to develop local tourism.

Ec Ma Ndryshe

This project will seek to preserve the craft of filigree, through documentation and knowledge and skills tranfers to women and youth. This skill will improve participants employability and give them the opportunity to produce their own products for sale. The project will run a number of education, development and training workshops on the art of filigree as well as an internship programme. Furthermore the project will seek to create a model framework to improve the sustainability of filgree creation.


 Through working with minority communities across four municipalities, this project seeks to promote cultural heritage, build trust and confidence between communities and highlight the important role that women play in cultural heritage. By bringing together youth and experienced artists, craftsmen and women, the project will create several public art installations across Kosovo. Further, the project will raise awareness on the importance of preserving shared cultural heritage by promoting essays in local publications and photos and videos on television networks and social media.

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