Public Pulse XIII shows increase in satisfaction with main institutions

Nov 22, 2017

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In a press conference held earlier today, UNDP launched the Public Pulse XIII brief. This report portraits perceptions of Kosovans regarding main political course of Kosovo and other social and political developments. The Public pulse is an opinion poll which surveyed 1,305 Kosovan citizens over the age of 18. The survey was conducted during September and beginning of October 2017. This activity of the project is founded by USAID.

The latest poll results show an increase in satisfaction with performance of Kosovo institutions; approximately 36% of Kosovans declared to be satisfied with the legislative, executive, and judicial institutions combined (as compared to 21% in October 2016). While the overall satisfaction levels with Kosovo’s political orientation remains low, the October 2017 poll demonstrates moderate increase (14% compared to 8% in October 2016). The perception of the citizens about safety has also increased by approximately ten percentage points.

Similarly, the Public Pulse Democratization Index (DI) and Economic Confidence Index (ECI), which track Kosovars’ opinions of democratic practices (voting, freedom of expression, etc.) and perceptions of prevailing economic conditions both experienced an increase, but remain low. On a scale of 0, being the lowest, to 3, being the highest scores, the DI scored 1.37 and the EI scored 1.22. Despite the reported fluctuations in citizen perceptions, overall satisfaction levels with the performance of key Kosovo institutions remains rather low. Through the Public Pulse Poll citizens were asked to identify the paramount problems that Kosovo is facing today. Among others, citizens reported unemployment (40% as compared to 48% in October 2016), corruption (17% as compared to 7% in October 2016) and poverty (9% as compared to 21% in October 2016), as the biggest issues which affect their social wellbeing.

Besides highlighted paramount problems, 42% of Kosovans - the highest level since April 2014 - declared to be satisfied with the work of the Prime Minister. Whereas when comparing current results, with those of previous year, the increase in people’s satisfaction is also noted with the President’s performance (38%, as compared to 26% in October 2016). Similarly, the Assembly and the Speaker of the Assembly have both seen their highest levels of satisfaction since April 2014. The current poll also marks the highest increase, since April 2014, in the level of satisfaction with the work of the Courts and Prosecutor’s Office. In addition to the findings highlighted above, the present brief discusses other findings in order to provide an in-depth overview of the current situation in Kosovo.

Lisa Magno, Deputy Mission Director of USAID in Kosovo and Alessandra Roccasalvo, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative participated at the event.






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