Game Over Corruption

Sep 27, 2017

“Game Over, Corruption”

The final phase of “Game Over, Corruption” was held yesterday in one of the most popular gaming spots in Pristina. The aim was to show how young people can combat corruption in an interesting, creative and educational way.

Corruption isn’t the only problem that Kosovo faces, but it is one that truly worries the citizens of Kosovo. So, bringing this issue together with the gaming sector, UNDP aimed to help young people think about this phenomenon and create games fighting it in the best way.

The UNDP Anti-Corruption Project in cooperation with IPKO Foundation motivated young people to fight corruption through means that appeal to them and which they love : game playing.  

In the event Andrew Russell, UNDP Resident Representative, Abetare Gojani- Program Director at IPKO Foundation and Agnesa Belegu - Zombie Soup Game Director shared their thoughts on the event.


“The only way that we are going to be able to do this is if we engage  young people who have an interest in creating a concept of Kosovo that is not about corruption, that is not about something that  gets you down like poor quality of education, and that often makes you want to leave Kosovo. This Game Over Competition is about not being cynical. It is about connecting up the things that you care about and things that connect to reality because gaming is reality.“ said Mr. Russell.

Abetare Gojani, from IPKO Foundation added : “We’re happy to  be part of this project ,fighting corruption by using technology in an innovative way.”

Lastly, Agnesa Belegu, a gamer herself, said that : “Game Over Corruption gave the youth an excellent alternative. From being frightened to even say what you think about corruption to show up and say I want to create a game about fighting corruption!” 

The games developed “Bill & Jill” and “Conversion” are now available to be downloaded for free on PlayStore, and will also be shortly available on AppStore.

The Anti-Corruption Project of UNDP is supported by the Swiss Development Coordinaion Office in Kosovo (SDC) and the Foreign Ministry of Denmark (DANIDA). 

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