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Mar 8, 2017

Kosovo has the highest unemployment rate and the widest gender gap in unemployment in the region.  While unemployment continues to remain above 30%, the unemployment rate for women in Kosovo is significantly higher compared to all the countries in the region, as is the gap in the unemployment rate between women and men. About 42% of women in Kosovo were unemployed in 2014 compared to 33% of men.

The unemployment rate for both women and men is significantly higher among youth and those with lower levels of education. The unemployment rate of youth (aged 15-24 years) is 61% and 64.5% for those with no formal employment. Except for the age group 45-54 years, women’s unemployment is higher across all age groups and levels of education. About 72% of young women are unemployed compared to 57.6% of young men. The largest gender gap in employment was noted for those with general secondary education: 62% of women compared to 4.8% of men.

The long-term unemployment rate is high and duration of unemployment very long, especially for women. Almost three quarters of the unemployed (73.8%) have been so for more than 12 months, increasing from 68.9% in 2013. The data also shows that women typically remain unemployed for a longer period of time than men, and this difference is statistically significant. The average unemployment duration is 10.4 years - 11.3 years for women and 10.1 years on average for men.

The majority of unemployed working age Kosovans have never had regular employment. More than three quarters (78.5%) unemployed Kosovans of working age have never been in regular employment either as employees, self-employed or unpaid family members. This share is higher for women (89.8%) compared to men (73.5%).


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