Town of Lipjan/Lipljan, a model for cultural diversity

Feb 14, 2017

Cultural Heritage Project in Lipjan/Lipljan


The restoration and rehabilitation of works in four cultural heritage sites, funded by the EU office in Kosovo and implemented by UNDP’s “Confidence Building through Cultural Protection” project were inaugurated today in the presence of over 100 people including municipal officials, religious leaders, and citizens in the Municipality of Lipjan/Lipljan. 

Mr. Imri Ahmeti, Mayor of Lipjan/ Lipljan, welcomed all guests emphasizing that this was a result of joint work that brought citizens and religious communities together.

“This is the best project of this year not in terms of funding but in terms of building trust between communities in this town”.

Mr. Libor Chlad, Deputy Head of Cooperation Section, EU Office in Kosovo, stated that "European Union Office in Kosovo is pleased with the continuous and strong partnership between the municipality of Lipjan/Lipljan and its multi-ethnic and religious communities, which resulted in the completion of rehabilitation works in 4 cultural heritage sites in the municipality. Our hope is that this partnership will strengthen and develop in the future with the common objective of protecting and promoting Kosovo's diverse cultural heritage."

On behalf of UNDP, Valbona Bogujevci, Programme Coordinator, said that besides the support to the infrastructure projects, UNDP and the EU are also supporting the municipalities to establish mechanisms for the continued protection of cultural heritage and improved dialogue and consultation processes with all communities.

“The project also has a strong community engagement component and young people from all communities have participated in popular re-imagining cultural heritage workshops to design their own solutions for the protection and promotion of their shared cultural heritage”.

On behalf of the Islamic Community in Lipjan/Lipljan, Mr. Xhevdet Bytyqi, invited guests to share common values stating that “in all religious facilities including churches and mosques there are always values such as respect, harmony, and trust between different communities”.

On behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Lipjan/Lipljan Priest Srdjan Stankovic stressed that “achievements in other areas come and go but cultural heritage stays forever for future generations” Priest Srdjan Stankovic invited the young generation to continue to be involved in the protection of cultural heritage.

Following the ceremony in the Library, guests also had a guided tour of the yard upgrading of the Town Mulla Sherif Ahmeti Mosque and renovation of the Serbian Orthodox, Church St. Flora and Laura and the reconstruction of the fence, which is a listed cultural heritage site. The other sites restored in Lipjan/Lipljan were the upgrading of the Town Muslim Cemetery and renovation of the Serbian Orthodox Cemetery Chapel.

The Confidence Building through Cultural Protection project focuses on renovation, beautification and rehabilitation of cultural and religious heritage in Kosovo, working in close cooperation with EULEX and the Kosovo Police Unit for the Security of Buildings and Cultural Heritage. The overall aim of the project is to contribute to improved inter-community tolerance and respect for cultural identity and heritage.


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