Transitional Justice Project Completes its Three Year Work

Feb 9, 2017

Support to Transitional Justice


United Nations Kosovo Team (UNKT) hosted a conference titled Transitional Justice and Dealing with the Past - Lessons Learned and Ideas for the Future which was the closing event of the three-year project Support to Transitional Justice in Kosovo (STJK) that supported the Inter-Ministerial Working Group on Dealing with Past and Reconciliation and civil society.  The aim of the conference was to provide a platform for self-evaluation and reflection on the achieved goals, main barriers and potential opportunities that would serve as a space to share actor's view points on what has been learned by TJ processes so far and what could be applied to better future processes.

The conference was composed of three panels. The first one included topics on transitional justice initiatives in Kosovo, and a report on Dealing with the Past compiled by UN Women was launched. The second part of the conference shared lessons learned by the IMWG DwPR and other bodies related   to transitional justice as established by the institutions. The last part of the conference reviewed other transitional justice processes in the region, in particular, regarding reconciliation, providing reparations to victims, facilitating truth-seeking, restoring confidence in state institutions and implementing the rule of law and transitional justice standards.

It was expected that conference may lead to further proposals for improving the work of the IMWG DwP and other institutionally led initiatives as well as regional cooperation and initiatives in order to promote and exchange best practices and enhance the transitional justice initiatives in the region.  

Recommendations gained from the conference will serve as a platform for decision-makers and a tool for stakeholders to apply a broad range of transitional justice initiatives in Kosovo, based on the lessons learned from the process in the past.

The Support to Transitional Justice in Kosovo Project - STJK (2014-2016), implemented by UNKT and funded by the Government of Switzerland, French Embassy, OHCHR and the EU Office, endeavoured to support transitional justice initiatives which would lead to comprehensive consultations with victims and society and the development of a National Strategy on Transitional Justice led by institutions and Civil Society.

The entire STJK Project was designed to support the Inter-Ministerial Working Group on Dealing with Past and Reconciliation (IMWG DwPR) and civil society. The design, implementation, and sequencing of activities were informed by their needs, capacities, and priorities, in line with the principle of local ownership. The aim of the project was to create a conducive environment for Kosovo’s Transitional Justice process. As such, UNDP, OHCHR, IOM and UN Women had no pre-set vision of an ideal result on the process. Rather, the Project adhered only to the stated principles established by the United Nations, by which any Transitional Justice process should be conducted. The aim was to support and facilitate the work of the Project partners in realizing the transitional justice mechanisms they see most suitable for Kosovo.

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