UNDP and MPA launch the E-box to measure citizens’ satisfaction

Jan 24, 2017



Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kosovo launched a project for electronic system for measuring citizens’ perception on administrative services provided by Kosovo institutions, on the spot where the services are provided or through MPA portal.

“We expect that measuring citizens' perception opinion will have a dual function: on one hand, through these boxes citizens will have the opportunity to express their opinions about administrative services offered to them, and on the other hand, all institutions will have sufficient information to improve the policy-making by using these concrete data which they will have access to," said Prime Minister Mustafa.

Among others, Minister of Public Administration, Mahir Yagcilar emphasised the importance of this project as an integral part of the Strategy for Modernization of Public Administration 2015-2020 and the Action Plan which aims to measure the citizens' opinion in five key areas, including: duration for obtaining the service, payment for the provided service, the behaviour of the official that provides the service, whether the service was provided online, and the quality of provided service. The Ministry expects that this will help strengthen and improve public policies.

Ms. Roccasalvo, the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative underlined that this project makes Kosovo a champion in the region and is in direct line with the Stabilization and Association Agreement, as well as supports the MPA initiative and congratulated the ongoing cooperation towards the establishment of innovative forms for an effective and transparent public administration.

To inform and encourage citizens to express their opinions and to make an evaluation of these services, the 'e-Box' project will be intensively promoted through TV and printed media.

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