Marking International Youth Day, Kosovo Style

Aug 12, 2016


To mark the International Youth Day 2016, UNDP Regional Hub published a piece on youth engagement in Kosovo


“As a young person, I often sense a lack of confidence in my generation. In fact, I often fall into that trap myself, assuming my input to be less valuable than those of my supervisors.”
There is a tendency to devalue youth contributions when they are compared to those of adults. This is an attitude the Confidence Building through Cultural Protection in Kosovo (CBCPK) project seeks to dismantle. 

Through its youth innovation workshop titled “Re-Imagining Cultural Heritage”, CBCPK encouraged young people to engage in Kosovo’s rich and diverse cultural heritage and design their own solutions for its protection. It quickly became apparent that youth are not only as capable as older generations, but they are setting high standards for the future. 
Join UNDP in celebrating the power of youth on this International Youth Day.

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