Kosovo Mosaic Measures Satisfaction with Municipal Services

May 26, 2016


Kosovo Mosaic 2015

UNDP and USAID, in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government Administration launched the Kosovo Mosaic 2015 in the presence of high officials, Mayors and representatives of Kosovo central and local institutions and international organisations.

The report provides the views of 6,700 citizens on the quality of public services and performance of local authorities with respect to service delivery. Building on the four previous reports published in 2003, 2006, 2009, and 2012, this report represents a further contribution to the ongoing and important debate on the role and functioning of the local government in Kosovo.

This year’s edition presents the perceptions and opinions of respondents from all 38 municipalities on local government performance, including levels of satisfaction with water supply, electricity, emergency services, healthcare, education, road infrastructure, security, environmental protection, and cultural activities. The report also measures levels of satisfaction with the performance of Mayors, Municipal Assemblies, and Municipal Administrations. The report compares 2015 results with those of the previous surveys, to provide an analysis of trends in terms of the overall satisfaction of Kosovans with public services and local government institutions.

Kosovo Mosaic 2015 also introduces, for the first time, an online visualization platform to facilitate usage of data from the survey, increase citizens’ engagement in policymaking at the local level, and enhance accountability and transparency. To access the platform, please go to this LINK

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