Upgrading the Kallxo.com

Nov 15, 2014


Getting the Relevant Authorities on Board

In the light of strengthening the collaboration between the www.kallxo.com platform and the Kosovo anti-corruption bodies, UNDP Kosovo’s implementing partner Internews Kosova hosted representatives of Kosovo Anti – Corruption Agency, Kosovo Judicial Council, Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, EULEX, Kosovo Police and Police Inspectorate, Kosovo Bar Association, Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor, Office of the General Auditor, Financial Investigation Unit, and Agency for Sequestration and Confiscation of Seized Assets to their premises.

The idea of the meeting was to introduce representatives of Kosovo institutions and other international partners on the role and responsibilities of the team behind the platform where citizens can report corruption.

In addition, Internews Kosova has conducted an opinion poll in October 2014 to measure citizens’ perceptions on various socio-economic-political issues in all municipalities in Kosovo. Approximately 1,300 citizens surveyed reveal their preferences on which institution they trust to report corruption, and the results are as follows:

- 33% said that they trust Kosovo Police
- 24% EULEX
- 15% Anti-Corruption Agency
- 13% KALLXO.com
-  4% Prosecutorial Council, and
-  8% said they don’t know

During the meeting, representatives of Anti-Corruption Agency (KAA) have informed the Kallxo.com team that there are cases when KAA acts ex-officio on cases from the online platform and then report the cases to the Prosecutorial Council. In particular, Kallxo.com team is working towards strengthening its collaboration with KAA and the Police Inspectorate.

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