Capital Pristina, First Municipality with an Integrity Plan

Jul 31, 2014


UNDP Kosovo’s Anti – Corruption Programme, funded by the Swiss Development and Cooperation (SDC), continues to assist Kosovo institutions to become more transparent, accountable, and to have the integrity systems in place.

Kosovo public institutions face corruption risks that may adverse effects on their functioning and public trust. Integrity Management System (IMS) is developed to assist institutions to systematically address indentified integrity risks, with the goal of strengthening institutional resistance to corruption and thus, reducing corruption levels. For this purpose, UNDP jointly with Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency (KAA), are developing IMS to identify public institutions most vulnerable to corruption and to install integrity planning in their daily work. The development of IMS will be assisted continuously by UNDP and KAA to ensure national ownership of the process.

In the light of this work, UNDP during the 3 months of intensive work with Municipality of Prishtinë/Priština working group has completed the first stage of the IMS, respectively the Integrity Plan. According to Kosovo’s Anti-Corruption Strategy 2013 – 2017 adopted by the Kosovo Assembly, all public institutions are required to develop and implement the IMS. Nonetheless, Municipality of Prishtinë/Priština is the first local government in Kosovo to implement and adopt such a plan. The process of development of the Integrity Plan was supported closely by the Anti-Corruption Agency. The Agency will continue to support the members of the Working Group, which is consisted of municipal political and administrative staff, lead by the Mayor Mr. Shpend Ahmeti, to monitor the implementation of the recommendations that resulted from the Plan. The Plan contains a risk register mapping out corruption vulnerabilities in all the departments of the Municipality.

UNDP in Kosovo served as a facilitator in preparation of the Integrity Plan for municipality of Prishtina. We appreciate very much the cooperation and openness of the mayor and key staff of the municipality throughout the process of drafting the Plan. The document as such does not represent the end goal of this initiative. It is rather the process of drafting and newly acquired skills and capacities of municipal staff to mitigate corruption. During the last three months we have witnessed outstanding commitment from municipality of Prishtinë/Priština to identify, detail and track potential corruption risks and devise appropriate solutions to address them. In the process of drafting, the municipality acquired a new tool/mechanism that enables it to deliver better services to citizens based on smart governance. Key to this endeavor is the learning side of it. The plan is a dynamic document; it is a roadmap for self-correction and learning that Municipality of Prishtinë/Priština can initiate whenever it thinks that the reality on the ground has changes and therefore adapt the Plan to new conditions. This makes this process a sustainable one, as municipality has sufficient in-house capacities to complete the process of drafting an Integrity Plan, to devise policies to address corruption vulnerabilities, and to monitor the implementation of the public integrity mechanisms.

Furthermore, UNDP in Kosovo and Anti – Corruption Agency is pleased to assist other Municipalities in developing such a system, based on the direct request we have received from the Mayors.