Coordination Mechanism of Anti-Corruption Bodies Gather

Jun 10, 2014


One the objectives of the UNDP Kosovo’s Anti – Corruption Programme (SAEK), supported generously by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), is to strengthen the collaboration between anti – corruption bodies in Kosovo.

For this purpose, the UNDP Anti – Corruption Programme organized today the first meeting of the Coordination Mechanism of Anti – Corruption bodies in Kosovo and the platform representatives. This Coordination Mechanism is composed of representatives of National Anti-Corruption Council, Kosovo Anti – Corruption Agency, Kosovo Judicial Council, Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, EULEX, Kosovo Police, Kosovo Bar Association, Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor, Office of the General Auditor (as observer), Financial Investigation Unit, Agency for Sequestration and Confiscation of Seized Assets, representatives of UNDP and from platform. The aim of the Coordination Mechanism is to enhance communication and collaboration between anti - corruption bodies and the platform. Cases reported in, after being verified, are usually submitted to the relevant rule of law institutions in place, in particular the Police, Prosecution or the Anti-Corruption Agency.

Representatives of Internews Kosova, UNDP’s implementing partner that manages the platform, informed the representatives of participating institutions on how the platform functions since its establishment in April 2012 and how are the cases being followed – up.

Regular monthly meetings between anti – corruption bodies and platform representatives will continue under facilitation of UNDP.