Kosovo Diaspora Business Networking – in Great Britain, Canada and USA

Apr 30, 2014


In accordance with the DEED project work plan and line with the Kosovo Strategy on Diapsora and Migrants, Ministry of Diaspora, supported by the DEED project (UNDP and IOM) has so earlier established nine (9) Diaspora Business Networks in Europe and the US (New York). Last month additional five (5) “Diaspora Business Networks were established, namely in Great Britain (London), Canada (Toronto) and USA (Detroit, Chicago and Dallas)”, by a delegation comprising of: Mr. Ibrahim Makolli,  Minister of Diaspora as he head of the delegation, Mr. Naim Dedushaj, Director of the Department of Research and Diaspora Investment Promotion, Mr. Arian Zeka, Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Ardian Spahiu, DEED-UNDP Project Manager, Mr. Mr. Roberto Cancel, DEED-IOM Project Manager, Mr.  Elmi Berisha, head of the New York diaspora business network, Ms. Irena Kashtella, head of the Croatian diaspora business network, and the technical support staff. The goal of the Kosovo Business Networks in overall is to bring Diaspora entrepreneurs closer and enhance their mutual cooperation aiming joint investments in Kosovo.

All of the recently established networks have chosen their boards of each 13-15 members to coordinate the growth and further activities of their respective Networks in line with other networks established to date.

During the conferences in different events, the importance of the diaspora in the economic development of Kosovo was underlined and highlighted many times. While Minister Makolli commended Diaspora’s sacrifice for the Kosovo’s political cause throughout decades, he reiterated that it is now more than ever crucial that we all together help our young population to establish and develop their professional life and welfare through increase of employment, by joint investment ventures that diapsora may undertake in Kosovo.

Mr. Arian Zeka form AMCHAM on the other hand explained the progress Kosovo has made to date to improve the business and investment environment in Kosovo, by encouragement our diaspora entrepreneurs to come and invest in Kosovo.

Presentations were also held by Ardian Spahiu and Roberto Cancel from the DEED project, re-enforcing projects support for this very important undertaking for the good of Kosovo’s economy and its people.

Diaspora potential for future investments in Kosovo was once again proven to be great with promising and realistic projects to come very soon to Kosovo.