Round Table on “Law for gender equality and legal institutions” for better integration of women with disabilities

Feb 27, 2014

In the frame of its continuous efforts to provide  contribution towards making the justice system more accessible for women and ensuring protection of their rights, the UNDP’s Advancing Gender Justice Project is implementing the second round of micro-grant projects provided to NGOs on advancing gender justice to marginalized women communities.


NGO Handicap Kosova is implementing a series of Round Tables with women and other persons with disabilities in Prizren, Mitrovica and Pristina municipalities including the topics on how to mainstream disability into policies/legislation, the position of women with disability in the society and the main issues and constrains faced for creating equal opportunities for their social, economic, and cultural integration. In addition to these topics, there were also introduced the options on how to use the existing legal resources and free legal mechanisms and institutions for people with disabilities in Kosovo against discrimination on disability basis.


The first Round Table was held on 27 February 2014 in “Art Centre” in Prizren. There were more than 25 participants, including women and girls with disability of all kind of disability representatives of these DPO (Disabled People Organizations), NGO Women for Women, NGO Down Syndrome Kosova, NGO Muscular Dystrophy, Association of Blind and Visually Impairment of the Prizren, Kosovar Association of Deaf as well representatives from local municipal directorates of education, health, urbanism, office for gender equality etc.


A very fruitful interaction and discussion between all participants took place, focusing on the main difficulties and issues that concern people with dissabilites with special focus on women with dissabilites for their better integration in the society.

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