UNDP and USAID Continue with Public Pulse

Feb 6, 2014

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) began with the implementation of the second phase of the Public Pulse project (2014 - 2017). The project will continue to bring bi-annually trends of perceptions of Kosovars on democratic, economic and public participation developments. Public Pulse research products will provide a detailed analysis based on opinion research, focus groups and other scientific methods to reflect on the political and institutional developments, economic and social development, inter - ethnic relations, security and other developments important for Kosovo.

Furthermore, this project will provide professional support to public or governmental institutions in producing Action Documents and Focused Analysis - research that contain analysis of a thematic area related to institutions and selected topics that are identified based on the results issued by Public Pulse surveys.

The first phase of the Public Pulse Project was implemented from 2010 to 2013. During this period, eight surveys were conducted, seven of them with approximately 1,300 respondents for each report, and one with about 550 respondents . As a result six Fast Facts of Public Pulse reports were published. In cooperation with Kosovo institutions and various organizations five Action Documents were compiled with Kosovo Judicial Council, the Association of Professional Journalists of Kosovo, Municipality of Prizren, Ministry of Health and Ministry of European Integration.

Public Pulse is a continuation of Early Warning Project, which was an initiative of UNDP and USAID since 2002. This project, from 2002 to 2010 conducted 29 surveys with people of Kosovo, in which about 38,000 respondents in total were polled and results were published in 29 reports.

Since the beginning, this project was co-financed by UNDP and USAID.


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