Energy Efficiency info-corner opened

Dec 3, 2013


An energy efficiency info-corner was opened today, 3 December, in the Municipality of Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje. Mayor Burim Berisha welcomed the opening of the first such corner in Kosovo supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Agency (KEEA).
The Info-Corner contains posters and samples of products and services contributing to energy efficiency. Preparation of the samples was conducted in cooperation with Kosovo companies which provide products and services to energy efficiency.

Bedri Dragusha, KEEA executive director supports the citizens to understand the change that they can make. Meanwhile, KEEA in cooperation with municipalities is working with municipalities to prepare energy efficiency plans which will identify sectors where intervention is needed.
Also, detailed information was presented on the current information campaign on energy efficiency, alsongside the presentation of the new website developed with UNDP’s assistance.
During the inauguration, the findings of the latest survey conducted in September were presented. Please see below details of the survey and the overall support provided by UNDP to KEEA.

Survey on energy efficiency awareness in Kosovo

Conducted in September 2013


The key findings show that information is scarce amongst citizens for measures contributing to energy efficiency; There is lack of information on the costs and means of finance to apply these measures; The need to increase information is confirmed, including youth.
Some of the most important finding are presented below:

  • 62% of the citizens (57% urban / 67% rural) do not know the meaning of the term „energy efficiency“. Beside that, 10% of the citizens (11% urban / 85 rural) are not sure about the meaning.
    Therefore, more than 70% of the citizens are not familiar with the meaning of the term “energy efficiency”. Additional problem is that less knowledge about energy efficiency have the older citizens (respondents of the survey), and they are the owners of the houses and the flats, meaning that they are those who make decisions about potential investments in energy efficiency measures.
  • The citizens mostly use the wood or coal for heating (87%), but they at the same time consider electricity for their highest expense (and only 15% of the citizens use electricity for heating).
  • 59% of the citizens are familiar with the products that can help with reducing energy use, but, based on other findings, most probably they do not know what kind of the products would be the most efficient for them to invest into them in order to decrease their energy consumption.
  • Nearly 50% of the citizens have not noticed any relevant information in media which could help them in realizing somehow their intentions for reducing their energy consumption.
  • Another interesting finding is that more than 80% of the citizens have heard about energy saving light bulbs and thermal insulation, 69% know about low-e windows and more than 50% know about A-class home appliances and solar collectors, but they do not know that this is related to energy efficiency and how those measures could be used most efficiently for reducing their energy consumption.
  • 57% of the citizens are using energy saving light bulbs and nearly 30% of the citizens have insulated their houses or installed low-e windows, but on question about what is the reason that prevents them from applying energy efficiency measures, the citizens mention lack of information almost as equal to financial reasons.

Data on the project promoting energy efficiency in Kosovo

UNDP has undertaken few steps to support the Kosovo Energy Effiiency Agency (KEEA) and other activities in this sector.

I. KEEA is a newly established agency, therefore a number of promotional materials have been prepared to raise the visibility of the agency:

-          KEEA website–;

-          KEEA brand and unique identity;

-          KEEA Information flyers;

-          KEEA visibility banners.

II. UNDP has also supported the information campaign by preparing:

-          A series of videos ads for TV;

-          Newspaper, web portal, radio ads;

-          Information posters for energy efficiency measures to be distributed in schools and other public buildings;

-          Informative brochures for children;

-          Informative brochures for businesses on energy efficiency measures.

III. Establishing of the energy efficiency Info-Corners in public locations where citizens have access and get informed to increase efficiency.

IV. Conducting of an energy efficiency survey Kosovo-wide. The findings have been used as primary information for activities undertaken in order to respond to the needs of the citizens in achieving the end result – increase energy efficiency in Kosovo.



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