Social media management for municipal officials and civil society activists

15 Nov 2013


From 12 to 15 November, SMILE Project supported the trainings of municipal officials and civil society activists from Prizren and Gjilan/Gnjilane, at the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK).


The Social Media Management Course was an excellent foundation in all of the main theories, concepts, techniques and application expertise that officials and activists need to develop plan and implement social media campaigns. It provided the practical knowledge needed to fully develop social media expertise and help understand which ones are most suited to their particular organization.


The course was developed to help the participants understand how to integrate social media into their work. The  purpose of this training was introduction of usage of different network pages like Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, YouTube, Google +,  the methods of their use, monitoring and analytical tools, new trends in Kosovo and also in the world, also how to optimize the potential of these tools.


For the participants of the course, this was a unique opportunity to look more in-depth into opportunities for social media strategies and analytics. Due to the very high interest of the participants, follow up trainings will be organized in December in the municipalities themselves.