Paving the way for first Information Corners on energy efficiency

Oct 9, 2013


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Kosovo Energy Efficiency Agency (KEEA) hosted on 9 October representatives of the energy efficiency sector to present the ‘EE Information Corners’ initiative.
The initiative derives from the need to increase energy efficiency in both private and public sectors. ‘EE Information Corners’ will play an important role in raising awareness where citizens will be able to experience all products and services on display.

There are six locations identified where ‘EE Information Corners’ can be found across Kosovo providing information on energy efficiency in areas such as insulation, electronic appliances, windows and doors, lighting, solar thermal equipment, and other sectors.

In the meeting, UNDP brought examples of the platform for cooperation with the private sector in promoting energy efficiency, pointing out business development opportunities and sustainable market development. Also, UNDP’s interventions in Dragash in the sector of energy were briefly presented, highlighted in the need to raise energy efficiency in households.

Representatives of the private sectors joined the debate by giving ideas for new locations and activities that make take place at the locations.

Opening of ‘EE Information Corners’ is part of a comprehensive campaign lead by UNDP in support to KEEA that will include a Kosovo-wide awareness campaign. Also, UNDP is supporting KEEA to communicate its’ message on energy efficiency to the public by conducting a survey and establishing a website for the agency (