Social Good Summit in Kosovo

Sep 24, 2013

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the A.U.K. hosted the Social Good Summit: Kosovo Local Meet-Up on Tuesday, 24 September. Renowned personalities from Government, civil society, media and academia were brought together as panelists to discuss "Using technology to address today's challenges for a brighter future in 2030". The panelists presented ways in which their respective institutions are involving technology, with an emphasis on social media, to ease and improve people’s lives and jobs.

Representative of media, Mr. Faik Ispahiu, the director of Jeta në Kosovë (Life in Kosovo) and Drejtësia në Kosovë (Justice in Kosovo), discussed the virtual platform in which people from all over Kosovo report corruption cases. Municipalities helped in implementing this programme by placing the platform in their official websites.

Dr. Driart Elshani, head of the eGovernance team in the Ministry of Public Administration, informed the public about the ongoing efforts of the Kosovo Government to ensure all citizens have access to the internet.

From the private sector, Ms. Vjollca Çavolli, director of Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK), stated that Kosovo has one of the largest ratios of penetration of the internet in the region. According to Çavolli, private businesses were seizing this opportunity by exporting services using the internet outside of Kosovo.

Daniel Cosentino, Professor of Media and Visual Communication at A.U.K., informed the public about various Media Programmes at A.U.K. and how they may intersect with technology and information efforts such as the programme “Digital Kosovo”, a  digital diplomacy effort, implemented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the IPKO Foundation, through which information about Kosovo available on the internet is being improved. Members of this programme, including A.U.K. students and alumni, are writing articles describing Kosovo’s people, culture, life and events among other topics.

Lastly, A.U.K. student government representatives, Donika Cami and Anita Selmani presented the way social media and technology are helping students both in their studies and extracurricular activities.

A lively discussion followed the presentations where audience members posed questions on the topics raised. Issues discussed varied from the way the staff at Jeta në Kosovë and Drejtësia në Kosovë dealt with reports of corruption via, to a possibility of the government improving transparency by publishing the annual budget online, to the way exported services via internet is one way to bring jobs and opportunities to Kosovans.

The event was live-streamed to the 92nd street Y in NYC and to audience members around the world as part of the main Social Good Summit event. The Social Good Summit : Kosovo Local Meet-Up event can be viewed at the following URL: