Kosovo Assembly now in the living rooms of all Serbs

Sep 4, 2013

The whole initiative began when Nenad Milenković Director of TV Puls, local Serb TV station placed in Shillovë/Šilovo, near Gjilan/Gnjilane contacted UNDP and said he wanted to broadcast the sessions of the Kosovo Assembly in the Serbian language so that the members of the non-majority communities can follow the work of the Assembly.

UNDP’s mandate in Kosovo includes democratic governance, which includes strengthening cooperation with the Kosovo Assembly, so broadcasting Assembly sessions in the Serbian language was a perfect fit.

The Assembly of Kosovo has 13 Serbian deputies, but their contributions to the Assembly were unknown until TV Puls started broadcasting Assembly sessions last December. The broadcast has also brought about a new era of communication between feuding communities in Kosovo with hope it can help build a path towards reconciliation.

Considering the ongoing dialogue between Belgrade and Prishtinë/Priština on the future of Kosovo and the fact that all agreements pertaining to this are ratified in the Assembly, it is essential that all people have access to the decisions that directly affect their lives.

Other international organizations working in Kosovo, such as USAID,  have also joined UNDP efforts.

Many citizens have written to TV Puls sharing their enthusiasm for their project and their reactions to the work of the Assembly.

And because Kosovo is so young - 70 percent of the Kosovo population is under 35 years of age, projects like this are important. Young people now have the opportunity to better understand each other and reflect on what they want for their future.

In addition to being informed about the laws that are passed in the Assembly of Kosovo, Serbs can finally hear the views of all political parties and ensure that their interests are represented.