Mobile App to Reduce the Risk of Disasters

May 28, 2013

Kosovo Emergency Management Application (KEMA)

In partnership with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its Agency for Emergency Management, UNDP has launched the mobile phone application “Kosovo Emergency Management Application (KEMA)”, which allows citizens, communities, government agencies, civil society, private sector and other stakeholders to work together more effectively in preventing disasters and managing emergencies.
The application provides an innovative tool to report and disseminate hazardous conditions in real time and has already been successfully tested by the Agency for Emergency Management and the Regional Emergency Operative Centers (112 Centers).   
One the one hand, this application allows government agencies to disseminate hazardous information on disasters and accidents to a large number of citizens simultaneously and in real time.
On the other hand, the application allows any citizen of Kosovo to directly report, through text and photos, hazardous conditions and proactively contribute to reducing disaster risks in his/her community.