CDF Talks – A new knowledge sharing platform

13 May 2013

CDF Talks – a new knowledge sharing platform
30 May 2013 - Pristina

In order to promote knowledge-sharing and capacity development, Capacity Development Facility - CDF project has put forward a platform dubbed "CDF Talks" , which will be a series of informal presentations by CDF advisers sharing their knowledge and good practices from their personal experiences while supporting Kosovo institutions.
The first, of many to come, CDF Talks took place last Thursday, May 30th at coffee-library Dit' e Nat', a perfect set-up for knowledge gaining and sharing.CDF adviser Ms. Arta Balaj currently advising Minister Stavileci  Cabinet at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development presented on "Marketing and Public Relations in Public Institutions".  Her presentation focused on the concept of "Listen, Learn and Let People Know" , and highlighting the difference between marketing and public relations. Some of the products were introduced during the presentation that  Ms. Balaj helped produced during her tenure at the Ministry.  Handouts and the book "Pure Kosovo" were distributed to participants.
During this interactive opportunity for CDF advisors, Ms.Balaj used a powerful combination of real stories, real encountered problems, and real solutions.Beside creating and coaching directly the current spokesperson of the Ministry, Ms. Balaj presented few promotional products that she had helped create. during her tenure at the Ministry. Project handouts and the book "Pure Kosovo" were distributed to participants.During this interactive opportunity for CDF advisers, Ms. Balaj used a powerful combination of real stories, real encountered problems, and real solutions.
CDF advisors are a team of enthusiastic, smart, experienced and dedicated individuals with a great amount of knowledge to be shared through CDF Talks. CDF Talks is also a interactive opportunity for advisors to learn from one another and be inspired and motivated with real stories, issues, and solutions.
The Capacity Development Facility (CDF) Project was established in 2004 by UNDP and Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS), in cooperation with the Office of the Prime Minister, with the financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well.
The project continues to develop capacities of the high ranking civil servants within Kosovar administration to enable a smoother adoption and implementation of the European integration requirements.
Such overarching purpose has enabled the project to support numerous political processes in the country, including:  The on-the-job advisory and coaching assistance to senior and middle level civil servants towards European integration and modernization of public administration have proven the most effective tool to support the state-building from inside.CDF maintains a responsive approach by addressing the needs and priorities identified by Kosovo institutions, at individual, organizational and institutional level; it takes stock and adapts to rapid political changes and transitional state of Kosovo situation.
Ferizaj/Urosevac gets its own Probation Centre
In the presence of high officials from Kosovo institutions, both central and local, and UNDP representatives, Regional Office of Kosovo Probation Service was opened in Ferizaj/Urosevac on 12 March.  The ceremony was held at the Ferizaj/Urosevac Town Hall, as a mutual cooperation between Kosovo institutions.
Participants included Metije Ademi, Executive Director of Kosovo Probation Services, Daut Xhemajli, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Justice, Abdyl Ymeri, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Justice, Rexhep Haxhimusa, Adviser to the Ministry of Justice, Mayor of Ferizaj/Urosevac, Agim Aliu, and Bashkim HJyseni, President of Basic Court and Agron Qalaj, Head Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution Office for the Ferizaj/Urosevac municipality in Ferizaj, and Virgjina Dumnica, UNDP Kosovo  Justice Portfolio Manager.
At the ceremony Ms. Ademi  thanked UNDP and the Government of Denmark for the continuous support to capacity building and regionalization of services of the Kosovo Probation Services. She emphasized that the opening of this office in Ferizaj/Urosevac  is very significant in bringing probation officers closer to their clients, thus making the work of the Kosovo Probation Service more efficient and services more accessible to the citizens.
Ms. Ademi further added that the purpose of this Service is to humanize the sentences with alternative sentences, thus increasing the changes for correction and re-socialization. The benefits of this office, as Ms. Ademi added will impact the maintenance of family relations, avoidance of budget expenditure, preventing a prison culture and also preventing the return to crime networks.
This new office will cover Ferizaj/Urosevac region which was, until now, covered by Prishtinë/Pristina office that is already overloaded with cases.
United Nations Development Programme and Agency for Free Legal Aid open a Legal Aid Office in Skenderaj/Srbica
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Agency for Free Legal Aid officially opened a legal aid office in Skenderaj/Srbica on 26 February 2013 in the presence of central and local government officials and UNDP and Agency for Free Legal Aid representatives.This office will provide free legal advice and assistance to members of the public without the financial means to obtain equal access to justice.
Deputy Resident Representative Mrs. Steliana Nedera invited citizens to use the office services by emphasizing: "The opening of this legal aid office represents a significant step in the improvement of access to justice for the people of Kosovo by increasing the points of access to legal aid for the citizens of this region. In our view, and one shared by many here today, one of the most critical conditions of justice is the ability for citizens to obtain satisfactory, affordable and speedy legal aid to resolve disputes and achieve just outcomes in a peaceful manner. Without such support, it is very difficult for vulnerable groups, of both women and men, to be able to realise their rights provided by the law. This is why UNDP so strongly supports the strengthening of legal literacy and legal aid provision in Kosovo and why we consider the advancement of these components of the justice system as needing to go hand-in-hand with other initiatives in economic development and poverty reduction. The Legal Aid Agency is one of the UNDP's most important partners under the Access to Justice Project and the opening of the Skenderaj/Srbica Legal Aid Office is an important milestone not just in the life of the Legal Aid Agency and the UNDP's Advancing Gender Justice Project but in the partnership that they share".
Acting Director of Agency for Free Legal Aid, Ms. Drita Rexhepi stated that currently 5 legal aid offices are operating with Government financial support while 8 are being supported by UNDP. She said that selection of Skenderaj/Srbica municipality to have an operating legal aid office was made based on the existing needs of the citizens to have equal access to justice.
Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. Abdyl Imeri, congratulated the citizens for the opening of the Legal Aid office and stated that the right to have equal access to justice, including all those who do not have sufficient financial means is defined as well by constitution.
Deputy Mayor Mr.Fadil Nura stated that the municipal authorities knowing  the importance of the legal aid services and citizens needs, since the beginning were very supportive and therefore have provided premises for the legal aid office.
The office has started working in January 2013, and 40 cases have already been received and a number of them already completed. It is important to mention a case of a lady who was divorced and she couldn't meet her children for 6 years which was successfully resolved enabling her to finally meet her children.
Mediation Centre Opens in Pristina
A mediation centre was opened in Prishtinë/Priština on 20 February in an official ceremony in the presence of Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. Abdyl Ymeri, UN Development Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Ms. Osnat Lubrani, and representatives of  Kosovo Judiciary and other actors involved in the mediation process.
This is the third mediation office that UNDP is opening, the other ones in Gjakovë/Djakovica and Ferizaj/Urosevac in 2012, in order to contribute to reduction of case backlog in Kosovo courts by transferring many less-sensitive cases from the courts, to informal but regulated mediation or arbitration  ensuring swifter access to justice for all.
Deputy Minister of Justice on this occasion said: "In context of ongoing reforms in the justice system and the priorities of the Ministry of Justice, a special role is dedicated to the functioning of the mediation mechanism and by doing so the Kosovo citizens will be offered more options for resolution of disputes between them".
In her speech, Ms. Lubrani emphasized: "The United Nations Development Programme is very proud to support the establishment of this centre under our Advancing Gender Justice project, through the generous financial contribution from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Our overall aim is to make the justice system more accessible for all people in Kosovo. Our approach has been to offer practical, internationally-tested alternative mechanisms for resolution of disputes, to help reduce the backlog of cases that the judiciary is still facing".
The achievements of mediation in Kosovo were presented by the President of the Mediation Commission Ms. Lindita Ademi who announced that soon, a mediation centre will be opened also in Mitrovicë/a.
To meet the mediation needs in municipality Prishtinë/Priština, 30 mediators have been certified by the Mediation Commission and licensed by the Ministry of Justice.