Local Professionals in Dragash/š Advance their Knowledge

Dec 20, 2012

Local Professionals in Dragash/š  Advance their Knowledge
The UNDP Dragash/Dragaš project Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use Management  has recently organized and accomplished four trainings: Developing and Applying Leadership Skills, Office Management, Solar Thermal Systems for Water Heating  and  Energy Efficiency Interventions of Craftsman and plumbers in Construction Sector. In total 58 persons with different backgrounds and professions attended and successfully completed the trainings which were organized in close cooperation with the Municipality in order to build capacities of municipal staff and members of 10 Village Working Groups in the field of leadership skills, office management and energy efficiency

15 participants completed the two day training, “Developing and Applying Leadership Skills” , 10 of them from VWG from both Opoja and Gora regions and 5 technical members of the Municipal Working Group. Based on the assessment of the trainers the overall objective have been achieved and from now on all participants will be able to use knowledge on more effective leading, communicating and problem-solving.
The second training, “Office Management Training”, took longer - 19 days. Seventeen participants coming from all municipal directorates were trained on improvement of their office management skills in order to make them more effective on organizational skills, team- work and basic computer skills. The training has covered the fundamental areas of office management such as: forming a philosophy of administrative office management; developing skills in managerial decision making, help understand the importance of setting priorities, time management, recordkeeping, data entry, etc.; develop necessary skills and knowledge to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of team members, work as part  of a team and assess the effectiveness of the team member and develop basic computer skills that help create and present information. The premise behind this training was to provide the participants with practical skills that will have a direct impact on their daily life. Furthermore, the training was designed to create a deeper relationship between participants that lasts well after their training is finished, and this relationship proves to be fruitful for both the municipality offices and its community.
Even though UNDP Dragash/š project has already been planning to organize trainings in the energy sector. the request for organizing such trainings came from the Municipality, respectively from MWG and few VWG justifying that the local communities have a lack of knowledge and experience in implementing Renewable energy technologies including solar thermal systems for water heating as well as in energy efficiency interventions of craftsmen and plumbers in the construction sector. Thus, UNDP has organized 5 days of practical training on the installation of Solar Thermal Systems for Water Heating. Training was practical, featuring the installation of a real solar thermal system for water heating in the Health Center of Bresane village. The solar thermal system installed in the health center during the training is a donation to the health center. The 7 participants, comprising municipal technical staff and local private craftsman (plumbers), have successfully accomplished the training. The local craftsmen and plumbers have been mostly trained on proper selection, installation and maintenance of STSs in small business and private households. While 13 participants coming from the technical staff of the Municipality and from 7 different villages within the 3 days training Energy Efficiency Interventions of Craftsman and plumbers in Construction Sector have developed respectively increased their capacities for proper selection and installation of EE materials in private and public buildings regarding thermal insulation of the building envelope.
In all trainings participants were from both communities living in Dragash/Dragaš Municipality, Albanians and Gorani/Bosniaks. Participation of women in Developing and Applying Leadership Skills and Office Management training was satisfactory. In Solar Thermal Systems for Water Heating and Energy Efficiency Interventions of Craftsman and plumbers in Construction Sector training no women participated perhaps because of the nature of the professions and the current lack of target group.
After accomplishment of all four trainings a ceremony of certificate presentation took place. Certificates were handed over by UN Development Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Ms. Osnat Lubrani and by the Mayor of Dragash/Dragaš Municipality Mr.  Salim Jenuzi. "I'm so glad that UNDP, supported by the Municipality, has enabled the organization of these workshops and hope that the trainees have gained new knowledge which they will use in their everyday work and contribute to overall development of the Municipality.
After acknowledging UNDP for the support given on these trainings, Mayor Salim Jenuzi wished the trainees successes in further opportunities on their capacity development. He gave committment that the Municipality is ready to fully support any other trainings organized in the future by UNDP or other organizations in order to support development of the Municipality of Dragash/Dragaš.