Former Officer, a successful business woman

21 Mar 2012

imageShkendije Hoda in her shop

Shkëndije Hoda is one of the 43 women who were in the Kosovo Protections Corps (KPC) and who have been assisted with their transition into viable civilian occupations. The UNDP-led Resettlement Programme provided her with business training and a small grant to establish her own retail shop. This has increased her future perspectives by enabling her to generate an alternative source of income and securing her independence and fostering her social inclusion within her community. Shkëndije declares: “Running a business was a challenge where I would test my skills and be successful without a uniform. The programme has helped me stay active and work”. The Programme also helped her retain a sense of self-worth: “I feel equal to everyone in the society, and this is important for a former KPC member”.

The KPC was a civilian emergency organization that ceased to exist in June 2009. The Programme is designed to help former KPC members who did not join the new Security Force by creating sustainable livelihoods through counselling, training, employment, small business and payments equivalent to 12 months salary. The Programme is separately helping Shkëndije publish a memoir on the brigade where she served in uniform over a decade.