Women Entrepreneurs Report launched

Jan 31, 2011

Women Entrepreneurs Report launched

Women Entrepreneurs Report launched The Women’s Business Association SHE-ERA launched the Report from the First International Conference of Women Entrepreneurs on 28 January 2011 in the presence of Minister of Energy and Mines, Ms. Justina Shiroka Pula, UNDP Kosovo Resident Representative, Ms. Osnat Lubrani, representatives from the US Embassy, Ministry of Trade and Industry, business women of Kosovo and other officials.The report is a result of the 1st

International Conference of Women Entrepreneurs held in Kosovo (28-29 October, 2010) that brought together more than 170 participants from the business community, state agencies, and financial institutions, International and National Organizations, prominent businesswomen as well as representatives from national businesswomen associations from more than 13 countries from around the world. In her address at the event, Ms. Osnat Lubrani, UNDP Kosovo Resident Representative emphasized: “Women consistently lag behind men in formal labour force participation and entrepreneurship; they earn less than men for similar work, and have less access to credit as well as lower inheritance and ownership rights than men do. This is not acceptable from the perspective of women’s rights. This report captures a variety of examples and experiences from participants from 13 countries. It contains ideas and recommendations for decision makers –government, business, to accelerate the expansion of the role of women entrepreneurship”.The conference provided an excellent platform for the exchange of experiences and good practices for further advancement of women entrepreneurs’ networks in the region, U.S.A., CEE and Middle East. The number of speakers and quality of presentations provided valuable insight and useful networking opportunities. Inputs from the conference helped to address problematic areas faced by women entrepreneurs in different countries, areas where close collaboration among businesswomen can yield the best results.

The results include networking opportunities, joint venture capital, policy design and reliable

Statistics through the development of relevant indicators, access to credit through innovative

Financing schemes and the improvement of specific knowledge and skills through capacity building.The United Nations Development Programme in Kosovo (UNDP) through the Global Gender Programme of the Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) supported the publicationof this report

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