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  • Anti-Corruption Journalism Award 2016 Nov 16, 2016

    This initiative is an opportunity to publicly recognize the contributions of journalists who, through their stories, tackle corruption and influence transparent and honest behavior.

  • How to successfully build a track record of corruption prosecutions Nov 14, 2016

    UNDP Kosovo is balancing its efforts to create an effective corruption prevention system with building the capacity of front line law enforcement officers, prosecutors and financial intelligence officials to sanction violations of corruption related crime

  • The impact of women’s parliamentary networks in Europe and Central Asia Nov 4, 2016

    Latest regional report on Strengthening Women’s Political Participation: A mapping of UNDP efforts in Europe and the CIS maps UNDP’s parliamentary assistance support for gender equality in political participation examines existing and planned initiatives, highlights good practice and identifies ways to scale up interventions so that parliamentarians and civil society can further advance gender equality in the region.

  • Corruption remains one of the most significant problems in Kosovo Oct 24, 2016

    The present Public Pulse on Corruption, focuses its analysis on perceptions of citizens of Kosovo on the prevalence of corruption, with particular emphasis on Kosovo public institutions on both central and local level

  • Promotion of gender equality for young legal professionals Oct 17, 2016

    The Bar exam training aims at strengthening the theoretical and practical skills of the young legal professionals, increasing as a result their chances of successfully passing the Bar Exam

  • Andrew Russell, the UN Development Coordinator at the UNFPA Launching of the Report on Gender Bias Sep 16, 2016

    Favoring a son over the daughter encourages inequality since early ages. In patriarchal societies, it reinforces a climate of violence and even further injustice over girls and women. This is called nothing less than violation of women’s human rights. Technology has advanced to the levels which were unimaginable just ten years ago. A technology which allows parents to know the sex of the foetus have exacerbated this practice.


    Differently from Balkans, South Africa was able to experience the “democratization of reconciliation”, by creating a safe-space in which the truth could be told and encouraging many to come forward and share their stories. In the Balkans the process is even more difficult and it seems like forgiveness is impossible.

  • More needs to be done for the vulnerable groups suffering from unemployment and disasters Sep 9, 2016

    UNDP launched the Kosovo Human Development Report (KHDR) 2016 titled Making the labour market work for women and youth and the sub-regional Human Development Report 2016 titled Risk-Proofing the Western Balkans: Empowering People to Prevent Disasters

  • Turning the odds in your favour Sep 8, 2016

    To better understand the causes of the negative indicators in the labour market, UNDP’s flagship report has analyzed the long-term unemployment, the large group of Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEETs), the high inactivity rate and youth unemployment based on the Kosovo datasets available.

  • Young People Engage in Cultural Heritage Protection and Promotion Aug 25, 2016

    Young people learned about the project whose aim is to increase inter community trust, respect and tolerance for the cultural identity and heritage

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