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  • DokuFest with Mehrdad Oskouei and Andrew Russell Starless Dreams Aug 10, 2016

    Women’s rights are human rights. Gender equality is the work of all, for the benefit of all. It requires an innovative, inclusive approach that recognizes men and boys as partners for women’s rights, and acknowledges how they also benefit from this equality. This is just what HeForShe does

  • Teaching Girls in Kosovo to Code Aug 1, 2016

    lerta and Zana founded Girls Coding Kosova (GCK), an NGO dedicated to empowering and training women and girls in coding and programming. GCK immediately resonated with Kosovar women. Since it was established in August 2015, more than 500 women and girls have become active members of this rapidly growing community

  • United Through a Shared Passion for the Outdoors Jul 31, 2016

    With the purpose of strengthening interethnic and inter-municipal cooperation, this camp has been able to arrange activities for numerous youth who otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate in summer activities

  • Improving Social Housing in Kosovo Municipalities Jul 26, 2016

    Improvement Plans were tailored to address each municipality’s particular needs and challenges, and were also structured while based on the same six principles of the international human rights law

  • Awakening the spirit of innovation for Kosovo’s youth Jul 25, 2016

    With a similar dream to UNDP’s – to contribute to the sustainable development of Kosovo – BONEVET aims to produce a new generation of qualified and experienced youth who can foster innovation and spur competitiveness in Kosovo’s economy

  • The wall that Speaks to You Jul 21, 2016

    Members of RAGj come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures, with the priority of having equal representation of Albanian, Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians

  • Saving lives by reducing disaster risks Jul 21, 2016

    Building on the previous two disaster risk reduction projects, UNDP and JICA launched on 21 July a new project on reducing risks from disasters in Kosovo

  • Andrew Russell launching the “Disaster Resilience Initiative Support for Kosovo” project Jul 21, 2016

    UNDP is delighted to be a partner to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, supporting the disaster management, risk reduction and recovery activities for many years and is looking forward to maintaining the excellent relationship in implementing the forthcoming activities

  • Skills, Skills & Skills: the recipe for a more prosperous life in south Kosovo Jul 20, 2016

    Contributing to a number of the Sustainable Development Goals, the InTerDev project in 2016 offered 14 young residents of two municipalities the opportunity to develop vocational skills in 3 professions that are in demand

  • Eleven years in the service of those who serve the people Jul 11, 2016

    After more than eleven years of dedicated work, the Capacity Development Facility project, THA began in 2004 to build and develop the capacity of public administration in Kosovo, came to completion

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